Tuesday, April 12, 2022


Street Food Selections at SM Foodcourt

 When craving comfort food on the go, street food is the most viable option, and SM Foodcourt in Marilao serves you just that.

Popular for having delicious amalgamation of taste of both West and Asian fare, SM Foodcourt in SM City Marilao houses new food stalls for shoppers to indulge. The street food selections at SM Foodcourt are tasty, satisfying and best of all, they are reasonably priced!

After Squid Game’s Dalgona, Korean stuffed pancake “Hotteok’ ranks the most popular street food in Seoul. A must try for foodies, Hotteok is a pancake with a twist that is crispy on the outside and chewy underneath. SM Foodcourt’s Korea Hotteok comes in both sweet and savory versions with peanut, banana and classic japchae fillings. The newest stall also offers authentic Misutgaru drink that is healthy and perfect for summer. Foodies may capped off Korean food trip at Tteokbokki & odeng and try the classic crowd-pleaser, Tteokbokki. The intense and savory spicy sauce of Tteokbokki will definitely make you want for more.

From Korean fare, SM Foodcourt brings Japan’s perfect on-the-go snack, Takoyaki. The dish first popularized in Osaka’s street food scene gained strong following among Filipino for surprisingly “Oishii” combinations and popular fillings of prawn, ham, cheese, and baby octopus. SM Foodcourt’s Mr. Tentacles will definitely take your taste buds to the extremes with its authentic flavor and fillings.

Foodies may also take comfort in the classic favorites from Pizzarina, Lil’ orbits, Chizmoza, Potato Madness, Noodle mix, Tokyo Tempura and many more.

To make dining more convenient, SM Foodcourt also features a wireless charger that allows shoppers to conveniently charge their phones while dining.

From mozzarella cheese bites, delightful mini doughnuts, mouthwatering takoyaki, to scrumptious Hotteok. SM Foodcourt is a destination for all foodies. Be sure to check out the latest dining nooks and lip-smacking streed food selections only at SM City Marilao!



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