Wednesday, December 29, 2021

foodpanda strengthens commitment to food safety with Hygienix partnership

Demonstrating its commitment to food safety and rider hygiene, foodpanda has partnered with Hygienix, a company known for its high-quality antibacterial solutions, to provide free hand gels to new riders. The hand gels, which are especially effective and convenient to use especially for riders who are always on the go, will be included in the riders’ onboarding kits. 

The distribution of hand gels is a part of foodpanda’s food safety and delivery system that the company has implemented to ensure that customers will receive good and safe food. It actively encourages riders to sanitize their hands from the time the rider partner picks up the food from merchants to the time they finish their delivery to the customer.

“As one of the country’s trusted and go-to antibacterial solutions, Hygienix and Splash Corporation are excited to have this opportunity to partner with foodpanda Philippines, a growing food and q-commerce platform that became one of the key essentials during these unprecedented times,” Ranes Idrish Siervo, Promo and Off Channel Activation Specialist of Hygienix said. “We always endeavor to push for everyone’s sanitation and proper hygiene, especially for the protection of foodpanda riders who are considered as our economic frontliners in fighting the COVID-19 virus, and who have direct contact with the food being delivered to the customers.”

“When it comes to food, safety and hygiene are always paramount. With thousands of Filipinos relying on foodpanda’s riders to bring them their meals, the company is steadfast in its efforts to ensure that these food deliveries adhere to the highest standards of food safety,” Daniel Marogy, Managing Director of foodpanda, said. “Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of safety cannot be overemphasized. With this collaboration between foodpanda and Hygienix, Filipino consumers can look forward to enjoying their favorite meals in the comfort of their homes without having to worry about safety.”

Over 32,000 bottles of hand gel will be distributed to food panda riders starting December 6, 2021. 



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