Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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dusitD2 The Fort, Manila & Dusit Hospitality Management College Introduces Live Culinary Showcase & Interactive Dining at d’Origine

The Integrated dusitD2 The Fort, Manila and Dusit Hospitality Management College awakens the modern dining experience as it opens the doors of d’Origine led by Maître Cuisinier de France Cyrille Soenen

Sure to tickle the palette of the hearty gastronome, d’Origine presents dining in an interactive setting with a live culinary showcase by seasoned chefs presenting rich menu that balances signature dishes and contemporary cuisine.

Located at the first floor of the integrated hotel and college is d’Origine – an inspired gourmet kitchen and restaurant where guests may experience gastronomy’s every step. The home for masterful chefs and talented kitchen novices, dining at d’Origine presents a captivating symphony of movement, talent and flavors in a live culinary showcase.

d’Origine is an exciting dining destination because of all the possibilities right at our fingertips,” shares Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Arts, Chef Cyrille Soenen. “With the innovative mix of our seasoned chefs and young protégés, we are able to serve our guests with such a rich variety, from signature dishes to inventive new recipes.”



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