Thursday, January 2, 2020


Falafel Yo, Soon at Uptown Mall BGC!

Falafel Yo Philippines was established July 2017 in Greenbelt 3, Makati. Serving authentic Israeli falafels and salad bar and it's the first of it’s kind here in Manila.

On January 4, Falafel Yo will move into a new home! From Greenbelt 3 to Uptown Mall in BGC! They will give free falafel the whole day to anyone who passes by!

Here are some facts about Falafel you probably never knew about:

1. the Coptic church in Egypt ate falafel as it was a vegetarian solution during Lent centuries ago.

2. as the Egyptians used fava beans in their falafel recipe, soon as it began spreading around the world, each culture had a different version for it. In Israel, the chickpeas replaced the fava beans, and by the time it got to Syria they replaced the chickpeas with foul beans.

3. the meaning of the word falafel is small round thing (pilpal in Aramaic)

4. after becoming an independent state, Israel went into an economic depression in the 1950’s. Falafel was a cheap, meatless, easy to make solution that spread all over the country at those years and from that time on it became the national dish for the Israelis.

5. the Philippine Independence Day and the International Falafel Day are both celebrated on June 12.


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