Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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Henry and Sons unveils world-class coffee ‘Port of Mokha’ at the Grand Hyatt Manila

Homegrown coffee company, Henry and Sons, owned by the 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion Michael Harris Conlin collaborates with the coffee innovator Mokhtar Alkanshali to have the Filipinos taste the high-rating coffee from Yemen, Port of Mokha.

Henry and Sons, brings coffee expert Mokhtar Alkhanshali in a curated event at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

The event highlights about the journey of the man who risked his own life to help improve the lives of the farmers and the quality of coffee in Yemen amidst all the hardships that the country is facing. His story is filled with passion and bravery that the Philippine coffee community can draw inspiration from.

The event brings the Philippine coffee experience to another level as Henry and Sons ushers in the marvelous taste of coffees from Port of Mokha.

Port of Mokha coffee is distributed by Henry and Sons and is exclusively available at Florentine, Grand Hyatt Manila.

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