Tuesday, July 2, 2019

PLATINA Tokyo Food Village: 2-storey Japanese Food Park

PLATINA Tokyo Food Village is a 2-storey Japanese Food Park located in Poblacion, Makati. They have Sushi, Yakiniku, Ramen, Gyoza, Okonomiyaki, Udon, Curry, Burger, Pizza and much more.'

PLATINA: The only Japanese Food Village in the heart of Makati

''walk around the alleys of PLATINA and be transported to a little corner of japan's unique and authentic tastes''

Amid the numerous restaurants, snack bars and cafes in Makati's Poblacion streets and alleys, you may one day be fortunate enough to come into a Japanese food village that will provide you a unique peek into modern and traditional japanese culture and cuisine.

This Japanese food village is housed in a three- story building and is better known as PLATINA.

Opened barely two monthys ago, the food village is composed of sixteen original Japanese brands that each represent an authentic Japanese dish. at the ground floor, you may experience a mix of the Roppongi and Shimbashi districsts of Tokyo.

In front is a well-lighted bar, well stocked assorted beer, scotch and sake. at the back is a set of kiosks that serve a formidable array of sushi, ramen, rice bowls and yakiniku traditional Japanese comfort food.

The Harajuku district is located in the second floor. this is where one encounters the fusion of Japan and Western cuisine. this is also when the village visitor has a challenging time in selecting wether to binge on the wagyu burger , the Japanese-Neapolitan pizza the Euro-inspired gyoza or the Japanese curry dishes.

Consistent with the idea of comunnal spirit, the soon to be finished top floor is an enclosed area that serves as the village square. this area can be customized for parties and live band action.

As it welcome families and weary travelers into the confines of its Food Village, Platina Modern Japanese Food Village is no doubt, a welcome addition to the cosmopolitan entities that have made the Poblacion district even more popular culinary destination.

Come to PLATINA and experience a small corner of Japan's unique food taste and culture. Located at corner General Luna and Mariano streets, Poblacion, Makati. Operation Hours 6pm to 1am. 

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