Monday, April 8, 2019

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“TEAMI” Opens 2nd Branch at League One Southgate Mall

Those who personally know me, knew that I adore milk teas so much. It's my stress reliever actually! 💕 I don't know how but sipping a glass of milk tea makes me feel relaxed. 

So when we visited Taiwan few months ago, we see to see that we try their milk teas and I wasn't disappointed! I even try the milk tea of Tu Tsung Ho, the inventor of Taiwanese Pearl Milk Tea in Shifen.

Here in the Philippines, Filipinos are still crazy about milk teas & pearls! and it looks like it won't go away soon, as new shops and brands keep sprouting like mushrooms! I'm not complaining though because this means more choices for the consumers.

Let's welcome, “TEAMI!” the newest milk tea brand which recently unveiled their 2nd branch at the 2nd Floor of League One Southgate Mall (formerly Alphaland Mall) just beside the MRT Magallanes Station.

They held their grand launch on April 6 attended by Ms. Teri Radjaie, the President and Managing Director of TEAMI Philippines. When asked what's their difference to other brands, they said that they keep everything fresh and revealed that they don't use any creams on their milk tea because they found out it's not healthy for the body.

I had the chance to try two of their variant, first is the Strawberry Dirtea. Which has the right mix of sour & sweet taste of strawberries and the strong & bold aroma of tea. But I love their Brown Sugar Pearl Milk more! The secret to their delectable milk tea is you have to “shake it” ten times so the flavours will blend well. I can't wait to go back to try their other variants! 😋

TEAMI 10 Seconds Challenge

Customers of TEAMI get the chance to play for every order with proof of receipt. For every real time post with Teami Products over your social media, customer will get another chance to play and win.

Customer must press the button to start and another press to stop to know if they win the challenge.

If the result is exactly 10:00 seconds, customer will get the chance to received Teami Coupons amounting to P100 redeemable at face value.

For more details, visit:


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