Thursday, November 29, 2018

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SM City Marilao Opens First Authentic Ramen Store in Bulacan

There is nothing like a hot bowl of ramen when the cold weather hits! SM City Marilao marks the beginning of ramen season with the opening of the authentic international noodle house, Hanamaruken Ramen.

Founded in Osaka by Takaku Arakawa, Hanamaruken takes pride in serving the best Tonkotsu broth-based ramen that uses slow-braised, soft-bone pork rib for 30 years. Their traditional broth cooking technique evoke the richness of the much-feted ramen in Japan. It is no wonder why their offerings have been clamored over in Osaka and now here in the Philippines.

Opening its first flagship store in Bulacan at the SM City Marilao, shoppers can now taste the slurp-worthy noodle soup. Its signature dish is aptly named after what its founder describes as “happiness in a bowl”. Hanamaruken Ramen’s signature happiness noodle dish is topped with narutomaki, negi, and a large portion of their fall-off-the bone slow cooked pork rib that are deliciously filling and flavorful.

Judging by the swarms of soup-slurping shoppers on its first day of opening, Hanamaruken boasts more than just one winning recipe but also rich ramen dishes in variety of flavors. The restaurant also offers huge servings of tempura and rice bowls that would surely excite every Bulakeños palate. 

So say konnichiwa to a world full of flavor and fall in love with Hanamaruken Ramen’s delightful ramen. Be sure to check out the latest dining nooks at SM City Marilao because it is beginning to look like Christmas!  



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