Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Snow Panda's Bingsu

If Italy has gelato and France has sorbet, South Korea has bingsu. The national dessert made of shaved ice, sweetened milk and often topped with fresh fruit is now available at Snow Panda in SM City Marilao. A lip-smacking masterpiece, the powdery and milky snow texture of shaved ice melts in your mouth from start to finish. Every spoonful of Snow Panda’s dessert promise to give a refreshing kick without being overly sweet. 

Visit SNOWPANDA at the ground floor of SM City Marilao! Bingsu lovers can also check out Snow Panda’s other branches in SM Sangandaan, SM Valenzuela and SM Pulilan.

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  1. What is the flavor of the bingsu? I tried a lot of bingsu but I never saw that kind of bingsu, flavor to be specific.


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