Saturday, July 1, 2017

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Serenitea now at SM City Marilao

Good news to tea lovers and aficionado! The fastest-growing and most loved milk-tea brand in the country is now at SM City Marilao!

SERENITEA is the newest food hub that offers wide selection of satisfying tea drinks in different flavors and variations to please every palate. Guaranteed to give authentic taste of tea, Serenitea imports its base ingredients from Taiwan and uses espresso machine to brew up assortment of both inventive and traditional hot as well as cold libation.

Customers may personalize their orders by choosing tea selections, choice of sinkers, amount of sugar and ice to put into the drink. A quick look at the beverage menu will surely tickle your taste buds. Serenitea’s freshly brewed teas, milky chas and more complete the tasty lineup, with sinkers aplenty to chew on.

Tea enthusiasts may try Serenitea’s best-selling milk tea; Okinawa. More than its Japanese name that captures the Zen-like image of the brand, its fine blend of brewed Earl Grey black and frost sugar makes it the favorite of most customers.

For the frost series, Winter Frost gives a perfect fusion of cream cheese on top of wintermelon tea. Fruitea may count as an option for those who like it refreshing and light, where cranberry green tea counts as the best-seller.

Milo Dino, iced Milo topped with Milo powder, on the other hand is another favorite of children at Serenitea. Other all-time favorites include Ice Cream Drink and Matcha Drinks. Besides the tea concoctions, Serenitea also serves delectable treats to go with their brews. 

All snacks are patterned in Taiwanese street food and are usually seasoned with the house-special pepper. Indulge, relax and get your tea fix and more at SERENITEA. Visit SERENITEA at the ground floor of SM City Marilao.



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