Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sweets for You and Your Sweetie at Java+ in Marriott Hotel Manila

Not only the sandwiches and selections of coffee are enticing here, Java+ assortment of sweets are pouncing with romantic flavors. Whether or not you’re sharing it with a special someone, Valentine’s Day calls for some time enjoying Valentine-inspired desserts. Get to know these creations and enjoy every bite with love the whole month of February!

Bring the color back to life in your relationship with strawberry mango cake (P1600 ++). Made of almond, coconut, and pistachio dacquois with strawberry jelly in strawberry mango mousse, it’s not only a pretty centerpiece—it’s a heavenly dessert in every slice.

Snowy white that speaks of purity, the Venus cake (P1200 ++) is made of raspberry & strawberry compote with cheese & lime mousse with raspberry cream in almond meringue biscuits. Don’t be deceived with its simplicity as this cake offers plenty of play on flavors.

Experiencing real bliss and happily attached? Take home a happy valentine tart (P1200++), a sponge cake and Breton short-crust pastry dough with vanilla mousseline topped with fruits. With its fiery red hue that covers every angle, this will surely communicate your undying love.

If on the lookout for something delightfully classic, heart-shaped cheesecake (P1750++) is a comforting choice. Fresh strawberry fruits that sit atop the baked cheese cake, it’s never salivating—the same feeling when you’re enjoying every moment with your one and only.

If you fancy something out of the ordinary, honey supreme cake (205 net) is perhaps what you’re craving for. Made of mousse with light chocolate cream in almond biscuit, it’s a piece that’s truly satisfying to the heart and soul.

The caramel mango cake (P205 ++) will surely make you yearn for more incredible desserts like this: roasted mango with praline milk chocolate cream & mango caramel in hazelnut dacquoise, definitely a love at first bite treat whether savoring it solo or splurging with someone special.

Delicate and meticulously presented, the white strawberry cake (P205++) is a fusion of vanilla white chocolate bavaroise with strawberry cream almond jaconde and other clever surprises.

The only chocolate that counts when having it for special occasion, these truffles (P475 net; P220 net) are luxuriously addicting & the best way to say be mine on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re a fan of rich, finicky dessert that comes in small packages, the strawberry cheesecake (P205++) is a captivating treat. Since it comes with surprising ingredients, this will surely transport you to a romantic holiday vibe.

Dainty little sandwiches w/ silky ganache, our French macarons (P250 net, P500 net, and P800 net) are yummy & a thoughtful gift for someone who has an appetite for something divine. And since it’s a perfect munch pair for coffee or tea, it’s a great piece to fire up a conversation with someone special.

Finally found someone who knocks you out of your feet? Make a bold statement with a crisp & oversized Gingerbread Hearts (P320 net). Whether it’s a lingering “I love you” or an unexpected “will you marry me”, these are creative takes on making those words come to life.

If you eat like a child, they’re heaven may be everything it promises to be. For single or in-love, it’s a different story: it’s touching both for the heart and palate. And at Java+, there’s an array of perfect Valentine sweets just to make you feel and taste the love in the air.

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