Friday, November 30, 2012

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Karaoke Republic, QC!

No doubt, Filipinos love to sing. This is evident by the karaoke machines you can see on almost every corner of our streets. We can call our country, a Karaoke Republic! Actually that's the name of a family KTV bar in Timog. A place for all, a place for young professionals to loosen a bit after long hours of work :)

Their edge among other KTV bars?? Their high end karaoke equipment, the funny room names and of course the best tasting food that will make you want to stay longer. Delish! Karaoke Republic is a family KTV restaurant located at 35 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.  They have 22 karaoke rooms that caters to group sizes of 3-4 to as many as 30 people.

Click the photos above to see their menu & their respective prices.

Their themed rooms are conversation pieces and sets the mood for fun and enjoyment. Just like this one "Malacantang." You can also choose "Jampan," "South Chordea" "Zingbabwe" etc.

Spaghetti Platter

Lumpiang Shanghai

Breaded Cheesesticks

Republic Chicken

Karaoke Republic's standard rate on Friday/Saturday is P80.00 time charge per hour/person. But it's only P60.00 on a regular day, and if you're visiting on their happy hour (3PM - 7PM) that's only P40.00 per hour/per person. Celebrate your special moments at Karaoke Republic!

Karaoke Republic 
35 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
352-12-90 or 352-39-94


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