Friday, March 30, 2012

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TLC Chowdown at Gerry's Grill

Can you finish a Gerry's Grill Family Crispy Pata + Gerry's Iced Tea in just 5 minutes?! Then TLC is looking for you! US Cable TV specialty channel TLC and Gerry’s Grill is calling on foodies with big appetite to compete in the ultimate gastronomic challenge!

Dubbed as the “ TLC Chowdown”the contest is to all individuals, of legal age, who could chow a Family Crispy Pata and Gerry’s Iced Tea for 5 minutes. If you didn't  finish the task, you will be charged 50% of the meal’s total bill :)

A preliminary TLC Chowdown is scheduled on April 13, 8.p.m. at Gerry’s Grill Ali Mall, Tomas Morato, Greenbelt 3 and in Bluewave Macapagal. The top 3 time finishers from these branches will receive Gift Certificates & premium items from TLC and Gerry’s Grill and will be listed on the Hall of Fame.

They will also automatically advance to the Final Chow Challenge on April 22 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

If you are interested to participate, you may approach the restaurant manager or local store marketing (LSM) officer on duty to register. For more details, log on to their official website,

Last night, food bloggers & other people from the media participated in this fun & exciting gastronomic challenge!

10 challengers will do the "Chowdown." This was held at Gerry's Grill in Tomas Morato Extension (just in front of ABS-CBN) yesterday.

The first batch! The winner came from this batch, can you guess who?! :)

At first, I don't want to join because I'm shy because there's so many camera around. But since all of them joined already, it would be too KJ for me to decline :)

Here I am just taking my time. I will not win this for sure because I just came from Kenny Rogers Roasters one hour before the challenge. If only I knew, haha :D

I don't remember what I'm thinking here :D This is actually the first time that I joined an "eating contest" I decline a handful of invites in the past but I really do have a big appetite. I just don't want to show it to everyone :)

He is the winner! After the challenge there's a buffet waiting for us! O.O

Other photos are here:

Wait! Not just Gerry's Grill but you can also try to "TLC Chowdown" at Gong Cha or Sbarro! Full details are at this page:



what are your thoughts on this? :)