Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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KNORK: Knife + Fork

There are some products that would make you say, "Nice idea. Why no one think of that before?" One example is KNORK, to describe it in simple words it's a knife plus fork. I'm not surprised that this product was already featured in hit television shows such as Top Chef and Rachael Ray.

The idea came when Mike Miller was eating pizza with a set of friends. Trying to eat pizza with a normal fork, he realized what a struggle it was & how uncomfortable it felt.

The challenge of neatly slicing pizza in a manner capable of impressing girls was what led the founder to conceptualize the Knork.

Knork will not cut you because it don't have a sharp or serrated edge. It's a combination of several modifications that allow it to cut without harming the user. The rounded, thinned tines create a beveled edge that allows the user to use a rocking motion to cut through foods. The finger platform provides comfort and leverage while using the fork to cut.

Knork is for left and right handed users too, because the finger platform are rounded and the thinned tines flank both sides of the utensil. This product is available at Dimensione branches in High Street, Bonifacio Global City & Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City.

Here's the pricelist for your guide:
  • Single Knork (One Piece Knork) -- Php 380
  • 4 Pack Knork (4 Pieces Knork) -- Php 1,395
  • 5 Piece Set (Dinner Knork, Spoon, Knife, Salad Knork, Tea Spoon) -- Php 1,580
  • 20 Piece Set (Dinner Knork, Spoon, Knife, Salad Knork, Tea Spoon) x 4 -- Php 4,495

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