Saturday, July 9, 2011

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Robina's BIG BOY Hotdog

I'm always a big fan of hotdogs! When our mom is not at home to cook for us when we're still young, this is the only food we can cook right away without having the sawa factor. I don't know what's in this food, that I still want it even though I can already cook some other dish.

According to BBC, the first ever hotdog sausage was ate by King George VI of England in 1939, at a picnic organized by the Roosevelts in Hyde Park. The answer to why is is called "hot dog" is still not clear yet. Some says it came from a comics strip, but other said it was coined by Adolf Gehring, a food & drink vendor in Saint Louis when a random man hollered, "give me one of those damn hot dogs."

We may never know the truth on the real history behind the term "hot dog". But does it matter? Somehow. But want important is we all love this red variety!  Whether you call it a frankfurter, hot dog, wiener, or bologna, frank, red hot, weenie, durger, coney, or just "dog," it's a cooked sausage have been a year-round favorite to all of us Filipinos.

Whether you want it boiled, grilled, fried, steamed, broiled, baked, or microwaved, this can be cooked in various way! Hot dogs contain some healthy vitamins and minerals too, that includes B vitamins, folate, vitamin E and vitamin D, albeit in very small amounts. Also, hot dogs tend to have a good amount of potassium.

So while passing by a PureGold Valenzuela few weeks ago, a new brand of hotdog caught my fancy. It's the Robina Farm's BIG BOY HOTDOG, manufactured by the Agro Industrial Group Division of Universal Robina Corporation. It's available in two variety: Classic and Cheese. I immediately grab so I can try it. Why not? it sells for only P165.00 per kilo! :)

The packaging says it has pork & chicken, cheese, water, vegetable proteins, iodized salt, cornstarch, soy protein, sugar, phospate, natural flavors, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate, etc.

To cook it, you have to cook hotdogs in a frying pan and add 2 tablespoon of water and cook until water dries up. Then add 1 tbsp. of cooking oil to make the hotdogs juicier. Just continue cooking until the slits open :) Eat it while it's hot :]

You will also get this FREE Lunch Bag for every one kilo purchase of Big Boy Hotdog. Available in two color: blue and red. Though limited offer only, and while supplies last.

BIG BOY Hotdog is really yummy! :) You can immediately taste the freshness of the ingredients on each bite. The main difference of this hotdog to other brand is the freshness of the ingredients they used, because the pigs and chicken  is also from Robina Farms, and the feeds for this animals is also supplied by Robina, so you'll be sure that it's only the quality and premium-taste hotdogs you'll gonna get.

I recommend you'll try the Cheese variant of this. I just loved it :]

I was inspired to cook spaghetti the next day! Instead of ground pork, we added BIG BOY Hotdog Classic plus Mushroom and a Filipino-style spaghetti sauce :) Yummy as expected :)

You can now grab your own BIG BOY Hotdog at  all PureGold Priceclub, Inc., Puregold Supermarket, Bargain City, Ever Supermarket, Robinson's and WalterMart outlets.

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  1. it looks so yummy kakagutom! :D nice to read some facts about hotdogs, it is my favorite too :D

  2. I'm enticed to try it!!
    I'll try to find it when i go to the supermarket

  3. wow nagutom ako..hotdog killer din ako haha fave ko yan since birth ata lol

  4. I wonder if it has an after taste? But it looks yum :)

  5. my children loved sweet sauce spaghetti and jumbo hotdogs has been a good choice since that's what kids notice first :p

  6. My kids love hotdogs for breakfast... Will try to include that on our next family grocery sched

  7. nice... we'll try that. i like my hotdogs a bit crispy on the skin but still juicy on the inside :)

  8. I love hotdog........
    Mouth has started watering. Its healthy :).

  9. hmmm... been sometime since i last bought hotdogs. your post made me crave. will check it out :)

  10. im not being bias about this but big boy hotdogs are truly premium hotdogs, i work in robina farms and i saw how they choose the right hog for the product. the manufacturer of bigboy does not choose sows or those hog who farrowed once. they only choose gilt or those female hogs who are intended for meat products only


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