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Kulinarya Food Festival at Bayview Park Hotel

Unlike others, I actually enjoy eating spicy foods! :) So when I heard that Bayview Park Hotel will feature the spice of Bicol Region & it's Delicacies on their buffet lunch, I make sure that I don't miss it. The hotel is located at 1118 Roxas Boulevard corner United Nations Avenue in Manila, but I'm not yet familiar with the place so I had a hard time finding it.

 Kulinarya Festival is a project or Department of Tourism, headed by Domingo Ramon C. Enerio III, the Assistant Secretary, Tourism Planning and Promotions of DOT, and they partnered with HRAP or Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, where Bayview Park Hotel Manila is one of the member.

Thanks to Google Maps I found out that it's just one ride away from LRT United Nations Station, you can actually walk your way going to the hotel since it's just near but if you're feeling lazy, just like me a 'trike' is waiting for you just under the LRT UN Station :)

When I enter the hotel, I immediately feel the fiesta atmosphere because of the colorful decorations around the hotel, they captured the "fiesta in barrios" ambiance that I want to eat immediately. :) We we're welcomed by Bayview Park Hotel Vice President and General Manager, Mr. Eugene Yap together with Chef Gilbert Soriano  and Marketing Assistant Precy Mendoza and the staff & crew of Bayview Park Hotel.

here's our appetizer, Ensaladang Lato! I already tried many salads but this one is different. It's crunchy and all the ingredients is definitely fresh.

another Filipino favorite, Sago't Gulaman :) perfect for the unpredictable weather.

a Filipino fiesta will not be complete without these lovely and colorful kakanins. I tried them all and my favorite is the ube one. yay! :)

We can't talk about Bicol cuisines without mentioning  Bicol Express. It is a stew made from long green chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic. This is my favorite among all dishes! They actually had separate chili, so you have a choice of how spicy it is.

Next is the Adobong Manok na May Gata. This dish is close to my heart because it's the only viand that I can cook :) The Gata (or coconut milk) is such sa perfect mix for this.

I'm really curious why they call this one Pansit Bato, because I don't find any stones in the pansit :) Well upon reading stuffs online I found out that it was named after a place, Bato Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region. The main difference of this pansit to others is the noodles are dipped in a very hot soup broth, place on a clean plate, and then garnished with vegetables. You also add local vinegar to it or mix it with chili and salt.

This one is called Dahon ng Gabi na Pinangat or simply Tinadtaran. A conconction  of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk wrapped in gabi leaves and tied securely with coconut leaf.

Malaswang Isda Na May Malunggay! That's the name of this dish. It looks tame but the fish is really tasty and I love it's broth. I'm fascinated with the sandok (laddle) so I included it :)

To cap-off the afternoon we we're treated to this super delicious Halo-Halo that can rival the Halo-Halo of Razon's! My glass below looks boring but it really brings joy to my heart :D

Kulinarya Festival will run starting July 1 to July 29, 2011 at Bayview Park Hotel Manila. It will feature not just the Bicol region but different cuisines from all over the Philippines as well. The buffet lunch is from 11AM to 2PM for  P600.00 :)

Bayview Park Hotel Manila
1118 Roxas Boulevard corner United Nations Avenue, Manila
247-9000 or 526-1555

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