Friday, March 4, 2011

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Angel's Pasta in a Dough and Angel's Calzone

I've been to Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo for a few times already. It's actually the second most visited post on my food blog. I dunno how that happen, maybe because this blog is on the first page of when you try to search for the establishment's name. ;] I actually did that unintentionally and that makes me happy because my blog is starting to be noticed by people :)

When I got an invite to try  Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's newest offering, "Pasta in a Dough" and "Calzone," I immediately said yes since we're gonna meet in a branch that's just near my place in Makati City. A few walks away!

I arrive 30 minutes early, so I'm expecting that I will be first one arrive --but not. I saw two familiar bloggers that was already there. They already told me that there will be only five of us to meet there, I'm actually expecting that there will be more than ten bloggers ;)

First on our table is the Angel's Shrimp Pesto Pizza one of the two flavors in their Thin Crust Pizza line. The other one is the Tuna Pesto. It's basically a pizza top with shrimp and pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese. Best eaten when hot! You can opt to add, "extra meat" and "extra veggie" to their pizza. They also got three pizza dips namely Tangy Tomato, Cheese Sauce and Sour Cream for P25 each, but I don't recommend it because I like my pizza as is. Angel's Thin Crust Pizza is available at P515.00 for the Big Family Size.

Angel's Shrimp Pesto Pizza is perfect for the upcoming Lenten season.

Up next is the Double Cheesy Burger Pizza topped with mozarella cheese, beef, bacon and culinary cheese. It's called 'double pizza' because basically this is a two layer thin crust pizzas. Other flavors on their Double Pizza line are BBQ and Cheesy Melt, but this is my favorite and I can recommend it to everyone. I actually choose this for our group ;)

I hope they will also add the 'Angel's All Meat' to this variant since that's my personal favorite in their Original Hand-Tossed Pizza. The Big Family Size of this is priced at P599.00

 I heard from their Facebook Page, that they have a Buy 1, Take 1 Pizza Promo now and they also give special discounts for cardholders of: Mercury Suki Card, SM Advantage Card, Laking National and BDO Rewards Prestige Car.

This one is one the best seller in their 'side items,'  they simply called  Brownie Square, but the taste of this is not simple at all. I just love it! I never walked out of Angel's Pizza without having them. The P85.00 peso price of this is worth it. ;]

Okay, now it's time for the reason why we visited this place, it's the Angel's Pizza Pasta in a Dough and the Calzone :)

Tuna Pesto

Creamy Bacon

Classic Spaghetti

Angel's Pizza Pasta in a Dough is basically a flavored noodles on top of a dough. This has three flavors to choose from: Tuna Pesto, Creamy Bacon and Classic Spaghetti. To truly enjoy it, I recommend that you eat the pasta with the dough because, others will eat the pasta first and then eat the dough part. I think this will be more enjoyable if they will lessen the thickness of the dough, because I find it hard to cut it using the fork or even the knife ;) That's just a suggestion though.

My fave is the Tuna Pesto flavor. It's a bit spicy and cheesy which  I liked. Each serving of Tuna Pesto and Creamy Bacon flavor of this is P199.00 while the Classic Spaghetti flavor is P189.00. I think each serving of this, is good for two people already.

Here are the Calzone!! :) You know what, as I write this down, I actually forgot which flavor is which. Yes they have colored dots on top ala siopao but I forgot it hahaha! Well, atleast this pictures can tell you what's inside of it and how big it is :)

A calzone is a turnover that originates from Italy. It is made of ingredients similar to pizza folded over and shaped like a crescent, and may include other ingredients usually associated with pizza toppings. According to a wiki, we can pronounce it as "cal-zo-ne" and "cal-zown" Angel's Calzone is available in three flavors: Ham, Cheese and Mushroom (P55.00 each) BBQ Chicken (P70.00) and Tuna Pesto. (P85.00)

Just like my previous visits at Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo, I leave in a happy state :D

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
Delivery: 922-2222
Facebook Page:
Branches: Fairview, Kalayaan QC, Malate, Makati, Pasig, Paranaque, Recto, UN Avenue and Dagupan City.


  1. I didn't know that they have Brownie Square, it looks yummy! thanks for sharing that :) Will try it out soon :) Love your blog by the way :)

  2. yup my fave! yummy indeed :) thanks for visiting, Yedy!


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