Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Half Moon Asian Cafe's Bibingcrepe

Bibingcrepe was first introduced in 2004 by Half Moon Asian Cafe and it's actually a fusion of our native delicacy, 'bibingka' and 'crepe' which is famous in the West. I first tasted BibingCrepe in Baguio, when I become a part of Mines View Park Hotel's Bloggers Tour.

"It has a crisp edge and the in-between is kinda chewy and moist. We have different flavors: Cheese, Choco-Cheese, Chocolate, Choco-Mallows." said Mr. Gilbert Garcia, the owner of Half Moon Asian Cafe. "We also have the crispy version, the Bibingcrisp." he added.

It was called Half Moon Asian Cafe because bibingcrepe is fold in half and resemble the shape of a half moon. Kiko Rustia of GMA-7's Survivor Philippines is a actually a part owner of Bibingcrepe.

Half Moon Asian Cafe attempted a Guiness Book of World Records entry for "The Biggest Bibingcrepe in the World." "This big bibingcrepe is equivalent to 250 regular bibingcrepe and can feed 500 people. " said Mr. Gilbert Garcia

That humongous bibingcrepe was featured by ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda (UKG) and then GMA-7's Unang Hirit the next morning.

After a few word and introduction from Mr. Garcia, the owner of Half Moon Asian Cafe. The attending food bloggers was divided into two group to do a "Design Your Own Bibingcrepe Contest." Of course our team won :) Gift Certificates we're awarded to our group.

Half Moon Asian Cafe
Address: 238 T. Morato corner Scout Bayoran, Quezon City
Phone: (632) 376-2283


  1. How cute?! You got to design your own "Bibingcrepe". It brings out the creativity in you.

  2. yes! and our team won without me helping, LOL. I'm just taking pictures and videos as they design hehe


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