Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Wild Willy's Chicharrones


When I watch the TV at home or movies at the mall, the experience will not be complete without a snack on my side. I dunno why, I always look for something to munch on before a DVD marathon or before I enter a movie house.

So when I do the grocery, I always see to it that I buy atleast one new snacks on the shelf that I haven't tried yet and Wild Willy's is one of my new discovery. I've read that they are from the same company that brought us, Clover Chips & Clover Bits so we'll have a hint what kind of product they has to offer.

I liked the packaging of it, makes you think that it's content is delicious. Surprisingly it is! :) Actually at first I think this is just another "chicharon" in a shiny packaging but not. It's so yummy, it live up to it's tagline: 'The Best Tasting Chicharron in The West!'

Wild Willy's - Real American Chicharrones is made from the finest US pork rinds according to the product's label and fortunately they are not lying. You'll immediately notice the difference from your first bite. It's so crunchy and upon opening the packaging you can immediately smell it's distinct aroma.

Wild Willy's is available in 'Traditional Salted', 'Hot & Spicy' and in 'Natural Vinegar' flavors. But I my fave is the Traditional Salted :)

Though I don't like Wild Willy's as a name for a snacks (ask Google why) I still think that this snack will be a hit among Filipinos :) I just bought another set since my college friends will be sleeping over for the weekend. This is a perfect pair for a DVD marathon, while chit-chatting with colleagues or even match it with beer during the weekends.  Of course you can enjoy this solo!

Anyway if you're wondering what's the price of this it's P24.75 for the 50 grams and P42.75 for the 90 grams. It's already available at all  PureGold, Landmark ,Hi-Top, Ever Supermarkets in Greater Manila Area (GMA) and coming  soon at SM Malls.

Already tasted this? Let them know what you think on their Facebook Page! :)


  1. This indeed looks yummy. This is the first time I've heard of this snack and I would really love to try it.

  2. I've tried this today and yes it was indeed yummy... crunchy as chicharosn should be and included it in my blog too :)


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