Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Kopi Roti, Greenbelt 3

Kopi Roti came from the Malay word Kopi Tiams which means coffee shop. The Kopi Roti concept began in Singapore back in 1955, its an exciting new concept in the art of enjoying coffee blended to perfection. Now with 18 branches across the Philippines since 2005, Filipinos can now experience this unique Kopi Roti experience.

Each Kopi Roti cup of coffee is offered with a selection of appetizers that are also varied & delightful. Each with its own distinctive Asian flavor. Kopi Roti’s value proposition to its clients is fantastic taste, shared memories, and a one of a kind dining experience. All of this at a reasonable cost. Check out their products below:

Kopi Bun - P40.00
One of Kopi Roti's specialty. Soft bread with coffee flavored crust and sweet buttery filling inside. Best eaten while hot ;)

Mini Kopi Bun - P40.00
 They also got the mini version of Kopi Bun, but for pre-orders and sponsorship only. Contact them at 4391545 for details.

Roti French Toast - P55.00
Two Slices of freshly baked bread, dipped in egg and pan fried, served with yummy Kaya spread.

Soft-Boiled Egg - P50.00
Two Soft boiled eggs with black soya sauce & white pepper. This is the first time I tasted something like this, it's worth the try!

Home Made "Roti" Kaya Toast - ₱40.00
Four thinly sliced toasted bread with butter and special kaya spead.

Kaya Puff- P25.00
Freshly baked pastry filled with special Kaya, crowned with powdered sugar. Just like the other products at Kopi Roti, this is best eaten while hot.

Milo Dinosaur - P55.00
Yup they got their own version too! A cold cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of powdered undissolved Milo on top. I asked them why it's called "dinosaur". They answered, nothing fancy, it's just "big" just like a dinosaur.

Siewmai with it's spicy sauce - P60.00
A new product on Kopi Roti, it was so tasty. Better than conventional siomais you can see on food carts and kiosks.

Kopi / Iced Kopi - P55.00
Traditionally brewed Singaporean coffee served with sweet milk. I don't like caffeine but this is an exception. I liked it.

Kopi - P55.00 (right side)
Their coffee beans are roasted with special recipe in traditional Hainanese style. Brewed coffee using the Singaporean tradition served with sweet milk. For their tea, they only use quality Ceylon tea leaves, which are then brewed the traditional way, as well.

Kopi Roti also has different "sets" to provide variety of new products to their valued customers. From set A to J, price ranging from P90.00 - P125.00. View all the sets here.

Be sure to indulge for a perfect treat at Kopi Roti near you.


Tomas Morato
Tel. No.: (632)4141754

Katipunan Avenue
Tel. No.: (632)4391546

The Columns-Ayala Ave., Makati
Tel. No.: (632)4099250

NAIA Terminal 1
Tel. No. (632)8795438

South Parking, SM Mall of Asia
Tel. No.: (632)5560213

Adriatico, Malate
Tel. No.: (632)4508410

Jacinto Extension, Davao
Tel. No.: (082)3016009

Magsaysay Ave., Naga
Tel. No.: (054)4732562

NAIA Terminal 3
Tel. No.: (632)4746926

Pergola, BF Homes, Paranaque
Tel. No.: (02)4092874

Pallocan West, Batangas
Tel. No.: (043)7238939

The Gallery, Mabolo, Cebu
Tel. No.: (032)2335281

3rd Level, Greenbelt 3, Makati
Tel. No.: (02)4897383

Tagum Nat’l Highway, Davao
Tel. No.: (043)7238939

Mandurriao, Iloilo
Tel. No.: (033)3212125

For more details visit their official website at:
Kopi Roti Inc.
226 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge A
Quezon City, Philippines 1100

Telephone Number: (632)4391545
TeleFax Number: (632)4395471



  1. Grabe, minsan puntahan ko yaaan, great food sa images pa lang, sana may free GC haha!

  2. uy meron branch near you: Pallocan West, Batangas! Visit it now :]

  3. Akala ko taho 'yung soft boiled egg, he he he.

    Merong branch malapit sa amin, Tomas Morato.. Matry nga minsan :)

  4. it does look like taho nga LOL
    actually I don't know how to eat it at first, I thought you will just scoop it using a spoon, you have to dip the bread pala in there hahahaha!

  5. I liked Kopi Buns too ;] Can't wait to visit Kopi Roti again.


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